Premier Martial Arts Reviews

  • Michael Hallman, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    Awesome staff that are there for your children to learn and not all about the tuition. They do a great job of meeting the kids where they are. Not a belt factory, the kids earn what they get.

    Michael Hallman
  • Wayne Burnette, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    The instructor are very knowledgeable an awesome people! I would recommend them to anyone! This is the kind of place that you can go and actually learn something to them it's not about the money but helping people learn how to protect themselves! Majority of the people in the class are women and they show how to deal the unsavory people that would take advantage of a lady.

    Wayne Burnette
  • Erica Mullis Carpenter, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    Premier Martial Arts is awesome! The instructors are extremely encouraging to the children. Children are never talked down to or belittled. They are built up by the instructors. Each child is valued and treated the same, with respect. I couldn't ask for a better place for my child to be.

    Erica Mullis Carpenter
  • Katie Benton, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    They have an amazing program for the kids, my son has so much fun every time we go. The instructors and staff are so helpful and friendly. And the adult classes are a great blend of technique, exercise and fun.

    Katie Benton
  • Crystal Costello, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    All of the instructors are great! They have really made my son comfortable, & when he is having a "shy" day they know exactly how to bring him out of his shell and make him comfortable again!!

    Crystal Costello
  • Hailey Lucas, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    I love the teachers. They are very involved with each student /kid to help them be the best and brightest they can be. The owners are very kind. They definitely want to make sure your child has the very best time here he or she can. They definitely teach more than martial arts, they teach respect for everyone, kindness ,bravery,honesty and they teach them if at 1st you don't succeed try and try again. They work with your child till they understand and get it right. Amazing people.

    Hailey Lucas
  • New Testimonial, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    We went to Premier seeking fun exercise and discipline - we were not disappointed. My son enjoys the classes and likes all of his teachers. Mr. Buckley however is truly gifted at what he does. He can speak to children in a way that is kind, loving and gentle while at the same time demands attention, compliance and respect. My son has undoubtedly benefited from the classes and the example that Mr. Buckley has set forth. It has been a truly positive experience. They have classes for all ages and abilities.

    New Testimonial
  • Nessa Blue, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    All the instructors are amazing and awesome! I’ve been going to Premier Martial Arts since January of this year and I am continuing the journey to Black Belt! I love this place, it’s like a second home, everyone is great! I am recommending anyone to come out and try it, it’s worth it!

    Nessa Blue
  • Me Young, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    This Martial Arts place is wonderful for exercise and keep your heart healthy, also helping my son focus and confidence. The Master and Instructors understanding each individual, experience and awesome!

    Me Young
  • Richard Morris, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    I have been involved in Martial arts for several decades and Must say that I love Premier Martial Arts in Mint Hill. I have nothing but good things to say about them; Professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I am PMA Mint Hill for LIFE!

    Richard Morris
  • Raquel Valentin Navarro, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    Excellent place for the kids to learn structure and self defense!

    Raquel Valentin Navarro
  • Nancy Colbert Hardy, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    Love this place! Awesome instructors, and my girls have come so far in the nearly 2 years they've been students.

    Nancy Colbert Hardy
  • Michael Tucci Jr, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    Training at Premier Martial Arts Mint Hill is awesome. Master Kempka has a lot of knowledge and always keeps class fun while you learn.

    Michael Tucci Jr
  • Karen Pressley Byrd, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    Fun, friendly atmosphere with a great staff. Not only will your kids learn to protect themselves, but they learn about exercise, teamwork, concentration, control, and most of all, RESPECT! Not to mention the opportunity to make new friends!

    Karen Pressley Byrd
  • Salley Aldridge, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    The instructor was amazingly great with the kids! It definitely takes a very specific personality to work with kids of all ages & personalities & he was excellent!

    Salley Aldridge
  • Cam Lilly, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    Simply the best! Within a week of joining the school, the staff and our fellow students already felt like a part of our family. Make no mistake though, the family atmosphere doesn't stop the championship-level staff from teaching students of all ages powerful self-defense techniques from multiple styles of martial arts. The best part is that they take the time to listen and understand your personal goals, and then they challenge you every day to achieve them. Whether you just want to gain confidence in yourself or you want to become an elite level competitor, Premier Martial Arts - Mint Hill can make it happen. So stop making excuses...start today!

    Cam Lilly
  • Christy Montgerard, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    My son has been a student since they opened the doors a little over a year ago. His manners have improved so much during this time, as well as his focus. He enjoys every class and loves all the teachers. We are looking forward to many more years and plan to enroll our daughter as soon as she is old enough to start!

    Christy Montgerard
  • Cristina Sacchi, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    Love this place and so does my son. The teachers are amazing at what they do and the way they interact with the kids. Always willing to be helpful. Highly recommend it!

    Cristina Sacchi
  • Chen Correll, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    I love this place, I'm learning so much from great instructors and I am getting in great shape. Thank you PMA!

    Chen Correll
  • Bernie Zanoni, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    The Best head instructor means the greatest schools...

    Bernie Zanoni
  • Adam Higgins, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    Excellent school with fantastic group of instructors.

    Adam Higgins
  • Stephany McCarthy, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    My son has been going here for about 5 months now and he absolutely loves it. The instructors are AWESOME.. I recommended this place to anyone!!

    Stephany McCarthy
  • Ashley Stone Brown, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    My son loves Premier and always asking when is his next class!

    Ashley Stone Brown
  • Jackie Fallar, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    Wonderful staff. Wonderful atmosphere. My kid loves it and so do I!! :):):)

    Jackie Fallar
  • John Win, Premier Martial Arts Testimonials

    Master Kempka and Instructors are awesome! I love TaeKwonDo :-)

    John Win

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